Better space better value.

What happens when you take a three-bed room apartment, equip it with the facilities of a deluxe hotel and simply price it at the cost of a standard room? You get the best of both worlds. That's Riviera Suites. You get the efficiency of a hotel and the feeling of home.

Riviera Suites offers suites of Standard & Deluxe categories (with two, three and four Bedrooms) in addition to a few single and double rooms. All the Suites are fully furnished and also equipped with modern amenities and have balconies, which faces the serene back waters.

Single Bedrooms

Tastefully appointed standard Suites are popular as functionality is at its best. Designed and furnished to relax you, these Suites offer comforts that make you perfectly at home.

  • Single Bedrooms
  • Double Bedrooms
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bedrooms

Neatly furnished and lavish in space, these Suites are situated on the higher floors and have huge balconies overlooking the backwaters. These carefully built Suites have a rich and exclusive ambience. Even the bedrooms here have telephones and televisions. Elegance and luxury at its best!

Suites here are a combination of utility and luxury with all modern amenities unlike any other accommodation. To relax after a hard days work one needs rest, which we can assure you to get from Riviera Suites.

  • Single Bedrooms
  • Double Bedrooms
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Three Bedrooms
  • Four Bedrooms

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